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Thumbnail Help

While 99%+ of the thumbnails that are entered via Linky Tools work perfectly (many thousands a day), occasionally an error does occur. There are endless variations of image types, blog configurations, link types and other considerations. I'm working hard to follow up on every error that occurs but in the mean time, here's a few tips that can help (and this is a good order to try them):

Open & Close Your Browser

Simply close and re-open your browser and see if that works. Often it does.

Use FROM FILE instead of FROM WEB

If you are having trouble with getting an image from a web page, try uploading the file from your local computer using "FROM FILE" as your choice on the first step of the thumbnail process.

Try Another Browser

The "browser wars" haven't gotten insane with new versions coming out constantly. It makes life miserable for us "web guys". If you are having trouble with your browser, try another of the big four (all free): Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari.

Contact Me

Still no luck? Contact me but be sure to include all the thumbnail information I ask for or we'll just end up swapping 2-3 more emails. I need the basic information about your thumbnail or I have no way of testing or helping. Contact me here...