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1. Simple Coconut Shell Instruments
2. Giant DIY Didgeridoo
3. Painted Stick Instrument
4. Jingle Bell Anklets with Dyed Wooden Beads
5. Building Language with Music
6. Creating Music with Drums
7. Earth Friendly Musical Instruments
8. Encouraging Music Play
9. Praticing Rhythm with a Parade
10. The Nutcracker Unit w/ Free Printables
11. Little Drummer Boy Unit w/ Free Printables
12. Do Re Mi Bottles
13. Music and Literacy
14. Gustav the Musical Mole
15. The Sound Box : Listening Guessing Game
16. Easy Way To Teach Music Note Values
17. Best way To Learn The Notes On The Piano
18. Tips for Making Music Everyday
19. DIY Instruments for Kids
20. Using Music to Learn a New Language
21. Outdoor Music Ideas
22. Painting to Music
23. Making Instruments from Containers
24. Letter I Through the 5 Senses: Instruments!
25. Exploring the Piano during Letter P Week
26. B is for Bells-Tot School Letter of the Week
27. Making Music with Sticks + Other Stick Play
28. Rockin Drum and Music Birthday Party
29. Montessori-Inspired Music Appreciation
30. Montessori-Inspired Peter and the Wolf Ideas
31. Montessori-Inspired Swan Lake Activities
32. Rain stick/Music stick
33. Bucket Drumming
34. Music Play on Overhead Projector
35. 11 Ways to Encourage Love for Music in Kids
36. Composing Music with Stickers
37. Creating a Musical Environment for Baby
38. Homemade Rainbow Xylophone
39. Exploring the Piano with Baby
40. Pots and Pans Band
41. Exploring Percussion and Musical Sensory
42. Invitation to Rock - Guitar Exploration
43. Fun with Music Notes
44. music and parenting
45. music for toddlers
46. Exploring sounds with baby
47. Glow in the dark instruments
48. Homemade Kazoo
49. Jingle Sticks and Jingle Rings
50. DIY music instruments
51. Rattle Drum
52. Cardboard Guitar
53. Easy Musical Sensory Bin - Homemade Shakers
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